Three Separate Lassen County Departments Battle for Same Grant Funding


Three separate county departments battle for grant funding. Health and Social Services are assisting in applying for a community development block grant program. The catch, the county may be liable for repayment of the grant if projects are not completed within 5 years. Three projects were originally identified yet based on State recommendations Lassen County Health and Social Services had to choose one project most likely to succeed in being completed within the given timeframe. The proposed project to move forward in the grant application presented to the LC BOS was the Westwood Community Center Project. Yet both Leavitt LAke CSD and Westwood CSD pleaded their dire need for the funds. Leavitt lakes current backup well is failing and the state has already began the process of closing the well. Without the secondary backup well in the event of an emergency like intense fire, Leavitt Lake homes would not have any available drinking water. Westwood CSD has a site that is shovel ready but is needing funds for CEQA review to place an additional water storage tank for the town. Currently Westwood CSD is forced to increase over usage fees to help reduce water usage. Supervisor Gallagher urged LAke LEavitt and Westwood CSD to seek other sources of funding as this grant could take through the end of summer to be realized and their needs are more pressing. Supervisor Hammond disagreed with proceeding with the application for the grant to the Westwood Community Center and suggested the matter be tabled until Leavitt LAke CSD can have their engineers share their input on the status of the well and its needed repairs or replacement. The supervisors will bring the item back at the March 15th BOS mtg.