Missing Texas Woman Visiting Portola Found


Update as of October 11th;

The missing Dallas Texas woman, Jodi Page has been found. As of today the Reno Police department located Jodi in the city. She is safe and in contact with her family.


The area is asked to be on the lookout for a missing woman visiting friends of the town who is from out of the area. Jodi Page is from Dallas, Texas, and visited family and friends in the Portola area over the weekend. She was last seen on October 5th and was due back home on the 7th. Her phone was last pinged at Bordertown in Nevada.

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and the Reno Police Department have been notified, and she has been listed as a missing person.
The family is also working with the airlines to determine her flight schedule.

Chandler Peay, with the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, said an investigation is underway, and the department is following up on any leads it receives. Anyone with information is asked to call 530-283-6375.


From the Family, Nate Goss

Our family is asking anyone with information on the whereabouts or any information you have regarding my aunt Jodi Page. An official missing persons report has been filed with the Portola PD and we are opening seperate investigations in other areas. She was last seen in Portola on October 5th, 2022 and had been there visiting a boyfriend. Her last known physical location was at the Bordertown Casino in Reno, NV on October 6th.

She is from Dallas, TX and was supposed to have returned Friday October 7th.

Jodi is 45 years old, caucasian 5”9 with blonde hair.

We have started contacting media outlets in Portola as well as Reno, NV and our local agencies to help spread the word.

If you have any information please contact the Portola PD at 530-283-6375 please!

We love and miss her and want her to return home safely to her kiddos who are worried sick about their mom.