Susanville Mayor Outbursts Over Community Division Over LARP

Division over LARP (Local Area Revitalization Project Co-Op, which runs programs such as the Farmers Market at Pancera Plaza, and Thompson Peak Education Farm in Janesville), the City’s relationship, and concerned community members upset Susanville’s mayor.

During the council’s February 15th meeting, when the community spoke to their concerns regarding recent grant funding the Co-op received, Mayor McCourt had had enough after two questioned the organization’s transparency. McCourt responded to the audience in City Hall that evening that he was “Dumbfounded,” saying, “What the heck is going on?… You all need to do better” and that” he is sick of division” McCourt’ss actions stemmed from prior meetings; where LARP has been continually questioned for fiscal misuse after not providing a financial statement request by council member Shuster when LARP presented to the council in January. Though McCourt continued to reprimand the community and show support for LARP for their volunteer efforts.

The lecture left many in the seats of City hall uneasy, some afraid to express their comments during the public commenting session.


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