Susanville Fire Determines Cause of North Roop Fire

Susanville Fire Department provides an update on yesterday’s fierce home fire on North Roop street.

Firefighters who arrived at the scene of the fire Wednesday morning just before 6 am were faced with challenging frigid temperatures, downed power lines, and the fully engulfed home on North Roop. Fire officials shared that smoke and flames were coming from both floors of the home and were concerned there was a family inside. Firefighters quickly responded to the side of the house that was less compromised. During the search, that side of the home flashed over with flames; assistance from the Susanville police department helped determine all those living in the house were safely out.

LMUD crews were able to respond and assist with the down powerline in the driveway. Once the fire was out, teams began to collapse portions of the roof to gain access to areas still burning in the home.

Heavy smoke drifted down into Susanville into the late morning hours. It was determined an electrical source was the cause.

There were no injuries, yet the family living in the multi-unit home has had their family pet, a black and tan long hair, chihuahua mix, a dog named Bandit, escape around South Roop street. They ask you to keep an eye out for his safe return to the family—a fundraising account to assist the family with financial needs.