Susanville City Council Gears Up for Packed Meeting Wednesday


The Susanville City Council meets with a packed agenda this Wednesday. A wide range of matters will be discussed, spanning budget allocations, infrastructure projects, and community engagement initiatives.

Public hearings will center on approving a cost report and lien for 105 Russell Street, a significant step toward addressing property-related code enforcement issues.

In new business, council members will tackle the fiscal year 2024-2025 budget and proposed procurement and credit card policies to enhance financial transparency and efficiency.

Resolutions regarding street closures for Pancera Plaza for this season’s farmers market, adjustments to several budgets, including the water budget to cover related costs to water operations, and agreements for infrastructure repairs are among the agenda items.

Additionally, the council will deliberate topics such as community engagement strategies, code enforcement policies, and updates to the city website.

The council convenes in City Hall at 5 pm; the agenda can be found on the city’s website.