Sudden Court Hearing to Change Wording to CCC Injunction Hearing Held


California state legal representatives requested an ex parte hearing revolving around the CCC injunction hearing, basically giving little to no notice to the City of Susanville to speak to the Judge handling the case. The state wished to change the broad wording on the injunction order because they claim they didn’t agree to the way he ordered it. The city’s attorney responded to the motion that they agree with the judge’s wording and informed the judge that CDCR has also been continuing with closure activities, such as closing yards and reducing inmate populations. Judge Neareu ordered a status hearing on November 19th to be provided with specific information from CDCR to confirm they have in fact returned to regular activities at CCC and not continuing with closure activities. CDCR and the state have also filed an appeal with the 3rd appellate court asking for a stay and change of venue, no hearing date on that has yet to be set