Special Elections Approved for Formation of New Fire Protection District in E. Plumas County


Eastern Plumas County is gearing up for a significant decision as it prepares to vote on the formation of the Beckwourth Peak Fire Protection District this November. The unanimous approval of the special election was granted by the Supervisors during their July 11th meeting. Carrie Curtis, a representative from the Local Emergency Services Study Group, expressed her gratitude to the board, county administrative office, and counsel for their support and dedication to making this new district a reality.

The primary objective of the Beckwourth Peak Fire Protection District is to consolidate fire protection, emergency medical, and rescue services into a single regional district for eastern Plumas County. This region has long suffered from inadequate coverage, resulting in difficulties with home insurance, especially considering the declining fire insurance market in the state. The consolidation will lead to a more streamlined and reliable source of revenue for these crucial support services, which have faced significant challenges for many years.

During the meeting, Supervisor Hagwood raised concerns about the financial implications of the election. The counsel responded by explaining that if the new district is successful, it will bear the cost of the election. However, if it does not pass, the county will be responsible for the estimated $10,000 to $15,000 bill.

Chairman Ceresola addressed the concerns raised, ensuring that the board is committed to evaluating the financial impacts and making informed decisions throughout the process.

Supervisor Goss, who represents District 2 and is a member of the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), expressed his support for the formation of the Beckwourth Peak Fire Protection District, highlighting the importance of providing comprehensive emergency services to the community.

Once the measure is established, the study group plans to conduct outreach initiatives within the communities to ensure residents are informed and engaged in the ongoing developments.

For more information and to stay updated on meetings and educational events related to this topic, you can visit fireprotectplumas.org.