Sierra County Emergency Test Alert


You may get an emergency alert on your phone in the afternoon of June 1st if you live in Sierra County. The Sheriff’s Office is conducting a county-wide TEST of the Everbridge Emergency Alert Notification System. The Everbridge Emergency Notification allows residents to receive alerts issued by the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office and the Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) regarding imminent threats and emergency natural disaster warnings such as fire, flood, and massive utility outages. The sheriff is giving you a heads up and asks that you DO NOT CALL 911 or the sheriff’s office about the alert notification. Yet you are asked to help respond to the alert on your phone by following the links or prompts as doing so will allow the sheriff’s office to know the system is functioning correctly and the information is being received by the communities. If you have questions about the Everbridge Alert System, you can call the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office at 289-2880.

The sheriff’s office is also working on the county’s newest evacuation information website Zonehaven Aware. After speaking to other jurisdictions following last year’s wildfires, the sheriffs saw a need for an improved system to ensure the ease and accessibility of disaster information to you.