Sierra county Completes Burn Projects to Safeguard Communities from Future Fire Danger


Two hundred and forty three acres have been burn treated by the forest service in Sierra County. Ranger Youngblood shared with the Sierra county board of supervisors that over the last week burn projects have been completed at station summit along hwy 89 further reducing fuels for the next season that lead into the community of Sierraville. Ranger Henderson also shared that pile burning has been successful this season with over 400 acres of piles completed on hwy 49 in the gold lakes area. The ranger also addressed the re-opening of the campgrounds along hwy 49, saying that the forest service will have to prioritize funding as there is simply not enough to go around to the over 100 sites that have hazardous trees in need of removal. Yet Henderson said snow has melted down in the county and you can now access more of the county roads to go cut down your red fir Christmas trees.