Seneca Hospital Feeling the Strain of Recruiting into a Rural Community


Seneca Hospital looses a healthcare professional due to lack of housing options and reliable childcare. Physician Assistant Sonia Troxell has been forced to relocate after just newly joining the hospital’s team. Yet the PA’s situation is not so uncommon. Many working parents have faced the same difficult decision through the height of the pandemic. Now with the recent wildfires displacing many people, Plumas county has to deal with housing challenges as well. Shawn Mckenzie CEO of Seneca Healthcare shares that there are challenges of recruiting in a rural county. Despite the charm found in the Lake Almanor Basin, there are limited conveniences to many who are from more populated areas are used to. The hospital is currently working on recruiting a new provider. Yet if you were one of Troxell’s patients you can reach out to Dr. Daniel Cooper at 258-3750 who is taking new patients or you can visit the Lake Almanor Walk-In clinic that’s open Monday through Friday from 8a to 5p.