Quincy Teen to be Honored by Congressman

A ceremony to honor the teen who bravely rescued people escaping the flames of the fire in East Quincy on Feb 12th will be held next Tuesday. Congressman Kevin Kiley will honor 16-year-old Oliver Litchfield for his actions that morning.

His selfless heroism happened early Feb 12th while Oliver was driving through East Quincy, spotted flames coming from the multi-family home, and immediately called 911. Oliver didn’t stop there he went on to check for anyone in the homes by peering into every window, helping pull people from the flames, and as Plumas news reports, Oliver even cushioned one person with his body after they jumped from a second-story window.

Kiley will present Oliver with a certificate of congressional recognition at the ceremony held at Quincy High School on Feb. 21 at 2:30 p.m.