Possible Hack into Plumas County Departments Data


Plumas county departments may be dealing with a potential hacker. The assessor, tax collector, auditor, clerk/recorder, human resources, district attorney, county counsel, board of supervisors and more have been unable to access their data, says two anonymous county officials, yet according to Board Chairman Jeff Engel the email server is the only function that is currently down within the county. The email issue was addressed at the board of supervisors meeting when it was asked why emails had not been returned during public comment. The issue has been ongoing for more than a week, and the source even says there’s a countdown to begin releasing sensitive information from the county as well as from any person who has done business with the county including property owners that has been obtained. No one has officially declared this a ransom ware attack, yet Board Chairman Jeff Engel said the county’s Information Technology director is working on it. The county’s phone lines are currently working and should be used if you are in need of contacting the county.