Pool’s Shoulder Season Threatened by Rising Costs


The Honeylake Valley Pool Board and the community collaborate to keep the pool open.

On Tuesday, the Board and the community met to discuss closing the spring and fall shoulder seasons to help cut costs. The fall shoulder season is critical for Lassen High’s swim team. Rising inflation has increased costs of chemicals and geothermal heating; in addition to LMUD’s sharp rates increase, the Honeylake Community Pool is forced to consider closing the shoulder season, leaving the Highschool swim team without a facility to practice.

Superintendent Scott Smith from Johnstonville School proposed giving a donation of 15,000 to the board, with High School Superintendent Morgan Nugent also suggesting increasing school fees paid to the pool if it meant kids would still receive a chance to practice. Considering the high-rising waters from the extensive winter storm, both superintendents Morgan and Scott felt swimming skills are essential. Shelby Burton, whose child is on the junior swim team, with hopes to join the high school swim team if the option remains in a year, spoke on starting a nonprofit to help fund the pool in shoulder season.

An MOU was advised between the Superintendents and the parents to discuss and bring the idea back at the next Board Meeting.

The pool is in need of another 750-gallon tank of CO2 to help feed into the main tank to help balance the ph. This will only add a cost of 129.00 per month with a savings of around 700.00 and was approved.

The next Honey Lake Community Pool Meeting will be June 20th at 3 p.m.