PNF and BLM Elko Order Stage 1 Fire Restrictions


Stage one fire restrictions come to the Plumas National Forest and BLM-managed lands in the Battle Mountain District in Elko. Fire danger continues to increase with the onset of summer and forest fuel conditions are drying up. In addition to fireworks not being allowed on these lands for the upcoming 4th holiday, you will not be able to build a fire outside of a developed campground or picnic area unless using propane or other liquid fuels, as well as limited smoking areas, and you will not be permitted to parking a vehicle on dried vegetation. You can still use a chainsaw for firewood within the forests but you will need to check on the day’s woodcutting status each time you go out. The BLM says the effort is being made to reduce the number of wildfires and protect lives, property, wildlife, and other resources. Fines for violating the restrictions start at 5000 dollars.