Plumas Sheriff’s Officers Will Get Body Cameras


Body cameras have been approved for the Plumas County sheriffs Office. Sheriff Todd Johns presented the idea to the board of supervisors yesterday where he garnered full support. Johns highlighted that with cameras his department could reduce litigation and assist the diminished District Attorney’s office that is solely held up by District Attorney David Hollister, supported only by an outside prosecutor one week out of every month. The use of cameras will also be saving the department time in investigations as camera footage can be used to dispute accusations during arrests. Sheriff Johns plans to fund the cameras with use of grant funding at $28,000 per year on a five-year contract, yet those grants are still pending approval. Yet as time is of the essence with the DA’s office reduced ability to prosecute cases Johns wants to move forward with the purchase of the cameras with monies from the sheriff’s budget to pay for the initial orders. The goal will be to have the entire department wearing cameras; however an initial rollout will only have officers on patrol wearing the body cams. Johns expects a vendor contract to be signed by June 1.