Plumas Public Health Warns of Poisonous Caterpillar at Local Recreation Site

A poisonous caterpillar is causing allergic reactions in a recreational site in Plumas County. Public Health has issued an advisory that a “number of reports have come in the Douglas Fir Tussock Moth Caterpillars have been seen around Little Grass Valley Reservoir and the town of La Porte”. If you are in these areas you need to limit your contact with these caterpillars as much as possible as the hairs, egg masses, and cocoons may cause allergic reactions in some people. This can range from itching to rashes and respiratory complications. Any handling of material the caterpillars have touched can also cause the same irritation. If you are prone to allergies you are most at risk. Plumas Public Health says “it is in your best interest to avoid contact”. There is no need to report any cases but if you experience severe symptoms you should contact your doctor.