Plumas County Issues 1st Bi-Monthly Wildfire Recovery Newsletter


A Bi-Monthly Newsletter for Plumas County
THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 2022 | 9:00 AM

A message from PC Office of Emergency Services

My name is Pamella Courtright and I am the Sheriff’s Emergency Services Coordinator/Deputy OESDirector for Plumas County. I have been with the Sheriff’s Office for almost 17 years although this is my first year serving our community in the role of Emergency Services Coordinator.

Plumas County recovery team have teamed up to bring you a newsletter twice a month so we can provide information to all residents of Plumas County concerning wildfire recovery. It has been very busy sincethe Beckwourth and Dixie fires have greatly impacted our communities. The County has been working with our State and Federal partners to help the residents and the county as a whole recover. This has been a wholehearted effort by all and we do realize the residents of Plumas County do not always seethose efforts. Collectively, the magnitude of the disaster recovery efforts is quite substantial.

The recovery team brainstormed to gather the best information on recovery efforts while making sure toinclude information on the Dixie Fire, Beckwourth Complex, and even the North Complex. The countywas still recovering from the North Complex and Walker Fires when the Beckwourth and Dixie hit us. These wildfires have affected us all. Our hearts are broken for those that lost homes and their livelihoods, but we are grateful we had no loss of human life.

In an effort to inform our friends, families, and neighbors of all that is happening, this newsletter will center around the behind the scenes activities of the recovery team and “what is being done”.

Going forward, the recovery team want this to be your newsletter for fire recovery in Plumas County.
We are here to support the rebuilding process and would like the communities’ input on recovery information that is important to you. We want to hear from you! If the recovery team does not know the answer, we will find it.

Feel free to share this content and spread the word. We are always looking for better ways to get our newsletter out and make it available to everyone.
Submit questions and concerns you’d like to see addressed to [email protected]


Important Numbers
Social Services:
Behavioral Health:
Building Dept:


Alternate Program:
Total: 109
Returned: 25
Debris Removal:Unknown
Debris Removal
Debris Removal

State Program:
Total: 643
Returned: 142
Debris Removed: 479

***This Saturday, March 19 is the monthly [Re] Build Greenville Meeting in the Greenville Elementary School Cafeteria from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The meeting is hosted by supervisor Kevin Goss and the Dixie Fire Collaborative. More about the group and the meeting can be found at
DTSC will be there to answer questions about the Greenville Soil.