Plumas County Coalition Asks Sups for Marketing Funding


Plumas County Chambers Coalition asks county supervisors for 50,000 dollars in funding. The coalition’s sole responsibility is to market for the county and change the county’s image in the minds of tourists from the Dixie Fire burn scar into what the much of the county still has to offer. The coalition argued the fire has often been dubbed the Plumas County Fire and has dampened the view of the county in the eyes of its visitors. One member of the coalition is Richard Aiple, the owner of Nakoma Resort who sees travelers aren’t booking rooms at the same rate as before the fire, are asking about air quality prior to booking, and asking about the extent of the fires devastation. The hope of the coalition is to get annual funding from the supervisors in the amount of 200 thousand dollars to combat these impacts on tourism and establish and staff visitor centers with people who can answer and market the county under a better light. The Supervisors supported the request saying the payments can come from the county’s contingency funds, ARPA funds, or other revenue streams such as the un-reported short term vacation rentals. Yet being unable to make a determination as County Counsel Gretchen Stuhr said the items need to be agendized before a vote can happen as money taken from contingency requires a four-fifths vote. The chambers coalition request will be addressed at the March 15th supervisors meeting.