Plumas county Chamber Coalition Denied Marketing Funding


Plumas County Chamber Coalition gets denied 50,000 dollars from the county for marketing promotions. A split decision by the board shot down the request, where the money could have been allocated from ARPA funds. One proponent of allocating the money Supervisor Hagwood argues that a strong local economy generates property and sales tax that help the local government pay for the services it provides. He also said if the county isn’t doing it then the board should support those who are willing to. The 50,000 would have been used to remove the image that Plumas is one large burn scar. Local businesses have reported that potential vistors are calling to ask what is burned in the county and whether or not they should visit. Supervisor Engle, who voted against argues the 50,000 dollars would be more useful to support county employees pay, specifically pointing out the rapid decline of deputies due to low pay. With the item defeated the board aims to readdresses the issue of ARPA funding allocations during a special meeting of the board.