Plumas County Board of Supervisors To Finalize Redistricting Map this Tuesday

Plumas County Board of Supervisors have a full agenda this coming week. The county’s server hack has cost the county upwards of 30,000 dollars to remedy, the board will look to approve payment to a cyber security company and email cloud host. The public works director will also seek approval to hire for extra seasonal help to assist with snow removal within the districts. And the supervisors will review the final published redistricting maps. The new boundaries will divide Quincy and East Quincy between Districts 2, 4, and 5. Because Quincy/East Quincy represents the greatest population center, it is challenging to accommodate the public interest to be in District 4, which is Central Quincy. Part of East Quincy can become part of District 2 which is Indian Valley or District 5 which is Graeagle/Mohawk Valley. You can hear the final fate of the districts as the Plumas Board of Supervisors meeting begins at 10am this Tuesday.