Plumas County Board of Supervisors Discuss Dixie Fire Recovery and Redistricting


The Plumas Board of Supervisors meeting today revealed that 653 plumas residents have registered with FEMA with 2.6mil dollars to be dispersed under FEMA individual households, you can register up to Oct. 25th. Additionally the number of the county’s Right of entry forms are also very low, only a total of 407 have been completed, just nearly half of all households affected by the Dixie fire in Plumas county. Council stressed that without enough forms completed it will put a lot of stress on the county as well as surrounding counties.

Also, if you have fire destroyed vehicles from the Dixie fire and not sure what to do the responsibility falls to the Plumas County Sheriff’s office who said they may seek the help of CHP to establish a process to inspect the vehicles for VIN numbers and begin to remove them to be recycled. That should be determined soon.

Additionally the temporary fire department in Indian Valley has been established with a building in place but has not yet open, utility work still needs to be completed, and design work for temporary housing for Greenville residents who lost their homes in the Dixie fire is also underway.

A second redistricting meeting also takes place today in Plumas county. You can share your thoughts on where district boundaries should lie by drawing them up yourself and submitting them online. At the meeting there will be a training to introduce the mapping tool, and to begin hearing public comments. You can join today from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Board of Supervisors’ Chambers, in Quincy. The meeting will also be available on zoom. Every ten years counties are required to use census data to redraw districts to appropriately represent each population accurately.