Plumas and Lassen County Board of Supervisor’s Scheduled Meetings Set for Today November 9, 2021


Significant changes may be on the way for Lassen County districts. You can be a part of the process at this week’s board of supervisors meeting. Due to new legislation new procedures and requirements are subjected upon the county. Districts need to be redrawn to reflect the 2020 census data. The board of supervisors will be discussing the topic tomorrow at 10am at the board chambers at 707 Nevada Street.

There’s a packed agenda on the Plumas Board of supervisors meeting. Dr. Loomis will give an report on COVID updates in the county, Dennis Schmidt the Director of the disaster recovery center will give updates on Dixie fire recovery, the county librarian will be asking for grant submission approval to pay for a book mobile for the Greenville and surrounding areas after the Dixie fire destroyed the library. The county administrator will also be discussing county owned property that was destroyed in the Dixie fire including the sheriff substation and town hall with possible action by the board. You can attend and comment through a Zoom link that can be found at