PG&E Updates Current and Upcoming Project Schedules


PG&E continues to work on projects for the undergrounding of their infrastructure. Here is an update on current projects and what new projects you can expect in the new year:

At Bucks Creek, work is ongoing on State Route 70, east of the Butte/Plumas County Line to the west of Tobin, for powerline undergrounding. Through this corridor, you can continue to plan for 24/7 traffic control with 15-minute delays, weather and incident permitting.

This is in addition to continued emergency restoration work between Belden and Twain on 70. You ill have a total additional travel time of up to 45 minutes between the Jarbo gap to the Greenville wye.

In Big Meadow, undergrounding work has stopped due to winter weather on State Route 89 between Canyon Dam and Greenville. PG&E says work will resume in spring.
Upcoming projects will include three projects on State Route 70 at Bucks Creek from Tobin to Belden, at Grays Flat, West of Twain, and in Gansner, between the Greenville Wye and Keddie. On State Route 89, a project in Spanish Creek: Near Indian Falls and Moccasin, will bring you delays, and up on hwy 299 at Willow Creek: Between Cedar Flat and Del Loma, will affect northern travel.
There have been no projected start dates on these projects.

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