PG&E Power Updates – December 15th 2021


If you are with PG&E, crews are out with snowcats and have 14 crews consisting of 3-5 people per crew making repairs to damaged power lines and poles impacted by fallen trees. Contract tree crews are also out assisting PG&E by clearing the downed and damaged trees.
Yesterday PG&E was able to restore power to more than half your homes in Chester and to nearly 3,000 homes in Quincy, as well as to you in Canyon Dam and Hamilton Branch. Some do remain without power in the Quincy, Keddie, Indian Valley, Meadow Valley and Bucks Lake areas.
PG&E spokesperson has shared that Due to access issues caused by heavy snow you can expect to be without power in some areas into tomorrow. Yet crews are restoring power to homes hour by hour as each affected area does get addressed.
To get outage updates, call 800-743-5002 or visit