PG&E Increases Water Flows on Feather River for Spring Recreation


Water flows are being increased below Cresta and Rock Creek Dams. PG&E is urging you to use caution while out along those areas. Although this is done in association with the American whitewater Organization for experienced paddlers, you should be aware the higher flows are not for tubing or swimming. The flows will create class 3 to 5 rapids. The two areas of increased flows will be on the 8 mile stretch of the feather river from the North Fork between PG&Es Rock Creek Dam and the Rock Creek Powerhouse near Storrie, as well as the near 5 mile stretch from Cresta dam and the Cresta Powerhouse. This will begin on Saturday from 9am to 3pm. Flows will top 800 cubic feet per second and return to 500 cfs by Sunday afternoon. This will again happen next Saturday through Sunday as well starting at 9am. There will be additional flows in the summer months with the exception of June due to the states drought status.