Opponent in Plumas Sheriffs Race Says Poor Leadership Brought Him out of Retirement


A candidate in Plumas County’s race for sheriff Dwight Cline calls out incumbent Todd Johns leadership as reason for his choice to run against the sheriff who has persevered through COVID and the Dixie Fire. Yet Cline felt the need to come out of retirement to run against not only his former colleague but friend. Cline at last night’s town hall meeting saying “This is awkward, but what I feel you have here is a lack of leadership, or a fragmented leadership.” Johns has faced a challenging start to his role as county sheriff but recognizes what lies ahead and has set his priorities on the need to grown and retain deputies even through vying for raises for the department’s employees and providing stipends for those who serve in the farther reaches from the department’s headquarters in Quincy. Yet com June 7th Plumas County will have a decision to make – keep its sheriff in the middle of the county’s recovery or welcome a sheriff promising renewed leadership.