Officer Zeke Helps Eliminate Drugs in Lassen County

K9 Officer Zeke helps his Partner, Officer Hoover, for the Lassen Police Department stop many drug busts in Lassen County. Officer Zeke was born in Hungary, did his officer training in Indiana, and has served as a K9 officer in Lassen county for five years. Zeke is a dual-purpose dog, and  99% of his arrest are from sniffing vehicles. Due to the predator mode when hunting drugs and being a dual-purpose officer, he has only bitten one person, a handler in protective gear during training. Zeke has helped in 75 arrests for several types of drugs and led to a large case where a female was traveling back numerous times from the Southern California area and selling meth here in Lassen county. Zeke has also helped seize a fentanyl case that contained 2 ounces when the car was pulled over. Zeke has made all of these arrests by using his training skills and helped keep Lassen county safer.