No Solution on Grant funding for Two Battling County Orgnaizations


No solutions yet for Leavitt Lake CSD or The Westwood Community Center in fight for funding approval from the Lassen County Board of Supervisors. Three county organizations were battling for the approval of planning funding for projects that they would like to see completed, Westwood’s CSD backed out of the running leaving two still in competition. Per the states recommendation only one project should be awarded to ensure the county will not have to pay back any monies were the project not to get completed within the 5 years time frame. The problem, Leavitt Lake is in dire need of water. The current 50 year old well is sufficient for now, but their second well is already under state closure and should the need arise to have a backup water source the 1000 people that rely on the water would have none. Supervisor Gallagher stresses it cannot wait. The Westwood community center is vying for the funding to bring much needed improvements to the community center to supports the towns needs, especially seen during the latest wildfires. With being stuck between a rock and hard place, as noted by Supervisor Bridges, the supervisors felt they were unable to make an accurate determination, they want to seek further information on alternative funding sources especially for Leavitt Lake CSD, the matter has been tabled for a future supervisors meeting, for a second time.