No Decision on Special Master of Court Appointment for CCC Case


Still no decision on the appointment of the special master of courts, Mr. Harvey Liederman, for the city of Susanville’s case against CDCR and the state for the announced closure of the California Correctional Center (CCC). The state continues to argue that there is no need for a “referee” and that they are working on the Environmental Impact Report that is part of the CEQA review. But Judge Moody pointed out that the state began that review only after the city asked for the writ of mandate and that they selected a prison for closure without following their own penal code. The city argues that if CDCR follows this code several other state prisons should be closed before CCC. The city attorney is content with the need for a special master to assist in completing the case’s cumbersome administrative record. It was decided by Judge moody to allow both the city and state to meet in a closed informal meeting to discuss the matter of appointing the special master and settle some issues before coming back to court. No further court date has been determined. Yet the state did ask for up to 60 days to hold that conversation with the city.