NHANES Comes to Lassen County


By next Friday the National Health Survey Comes to Lassen Community College. Each year 5,000 people from around the country are invited to participate in the health survey that is part of the National Center for Health Statistics, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This year Lassen County has been chosen as one of the 9 counties selected. You should have received at least one letter in the mail asking for your participation as letters started going out on the 1st of April. Not every home in the county will get one, only a randomly selected few. Lassen County Public Health and Social Services Director Barbara Longo shared she expects nearly 300 homes will be asked to participate. Longo also shared this is a great opportunity to learn about your health and receive free screenings that normally would cost thousands of dollars. The data collected will contribute to the overall status of the nation’s health.