Multiple Collisions in the Canyon Over the Weekend Result in Major Injuries


Multiple collisions occurred through the Canyon over the weekend in Plumas County resulting in major injuries. The California Highway Patrol released the following incidents:

Angelo Yescas an 18-year-old from Rio Linda was on HWY70 west of Grizzly dome Friday around 9:30 pm when he sped his vehicle up to 100 mph and lost control of the car while making a curve in the road. The car crashed into the guardrail then the cement barrier overturning the car. Drivers who witnessed the collision helped Yescas out of the car until emergency personnel arrived. He sustained major injuries despite wearing his seatbelt and was flown to Enloe Medical center for care.

The following day Kristin Whitaker, a 39-year-old from Yuba City was riding her Harley motorcycle on HWY70 west of Soda Creek Rd in the afternoon when she collided with a rock after making a left-hand curve. She lost control of her Harley and overturned it. She suffered from major injuries and was flown to Renown for care.

Later that evening around 9 pm an e-bike collided with a pedestrian. Alejandro Cipriano, a 39-year-old from Quincy was riding his e-bike on the shoulder of HWY 70 west of Claremont Drive when he collided with Joey Marrero, a 29-year-old from Quincy who was also walking on the shoulder of the highway. Cipriano was thrown over his bike’s handlebars as they collided and hit his head, he was not wearing a helmet. Both were able to walk to the nearest gas station and called 911 for help. Quincy CHP says Cipriano was riding his bike at an unsafe speed given the available lighting and pedestrian traffic.