Memorial Pump Track Update


The Memorial pump track sees more progress as the Susanville City council gave the direction to allocate if necessary the majority of the funds from the Statewide Parks Program Application to it. The total amount the state will reimburse the city is nearly 178 thousand dollars, of which the city believes the pump track could use upwards of 63 to 83 thousand without finalized engineer estimates. The city will also complete lighting improvements along the front and river walk side of Memorial park. The application deadline that designates which projects the city wishes to use the funds on is coming at the end of this month. Following completion of the projects the state will then reimburse the city only on those projects have been fully completed. It was advised to the council to err on the side of less given the supply chain shortages and material delays. The city council agreed to focus solely on the pump track and lighting improvements, forgoing any plans to bring additional bathrooms to the park. Now the city waits final awarding of grant monies, as there are three separate grants that overlap that must be finalized, before moving forward with the pump track plans.