Meet NHANES Chief Medical Officer During Presentation at LCC


The National Health and Nutritional Examination survey is happening at Lassen Community College as the campus welcomes the team and mobile exam trailers. The Survey will be on campus through July 19th with a team of about 30 performing the health exams where data will be collected to contribute to the status of the nation’s health. The survey has been selecting 9 counties throughout the country since 1960. You will have an opportunity to learn more about NHANES during a presentation today from Dr. Tony Nguyen, the Chief Medical Officer of NHANES from the CDC. If you have been invited to participate in the survey you should have already started to receive letters in the mail for your household’s eligibility. Your participation in the survey gets you an exam and health tests that would typically cost you thousands of dollars, and there is also a payout. You can get a check in the mail for your completion of the health exam surveys. To learn more join the presentation today from Dr. Nguyen at 2pm in the Middleton Hall on the LCC campus.