Mayor of Susanville Offers Apology for Outburst

After over a week since the Mayor of Susanville stepped out of decorum during public comment with an outburst telling the community “to do better,” he has reached out on social media to offer an initial apology. Many in the community called on Mayor Quincy McCourt, who took on the role following last year’s Primary elections, to either apologize or resign when the rant made many in the audience at city hall during a council meeting uneasy.

The comment spurred after two in the community questioned Local Area Revitalization Project Co-OP on their fiscal responsibility, McCourt, in his apology, said, “I make mistakes. I learn from them too.” He added he is sorry “for offending those offended, and it “was never the intent” rather, “The message behind the words was more of a plea to slow down and take a breath and remember that it is OK to think differently, and it is OK to come together as a community and determine our roadmap into the future together.” McCourt called his response that evening “more o a reaction and less of a well thought out request”. Some returned comments said the apology was not one at all, one asking if there is a recall effort underway, while others offered their continued support of the mayor for admitting his wrong-doing.

The council meets this Wednesday with another hot topic, affordable/supportive housing, to discuss the city’s role in the county’s project proposed for North Mesa Street, which many oppose as it lies in the middle of the city and within 300 yards of an elementary school.

The council will convene at 5 pm in City Hall on March 1st; a full agenda can be found on the City Website.