Local Volunteers and Quilters from Across the Country to Donate Over a Hundred Hand-made Quilts to Dixie Fire Survivors


Special to Sierra Daily News: Debbie Reynolds

There has been a generous selfless group from the Taylorsville, Susanville, and Crescent Mills areas trying to connect with Dixie Fire Victims from Canyon Dam, Greenville and surrounding areas. Through the generosity of quilters from across the Country, we have over a hundred handmade quilts (mostly Lap quilts) to distribute to individuals and families impacted by the Dixie Fire. Each quilt is hand made with love and concern for our community.
If you are Dixie Fire Victim and would like a warm cozy quilt, Please Call or text RSVP to Debbie Reynolds 707-845-2493 or email me @ [email protected]. We will be at Plumas Bank in Chester to hand these quilts out on February 8, 2022, from 11a.m. to 2p.m. (wear your mask please) If that doesn’t work for you, Debbie would be happy to make other arrangements. A special thanks goes out to Laura Roberts of Country Pines Quilt shop in Susanville, and many other volunteers for coordinating this effort.