LNF Publishes Over Snow Vehicle Use Trail Final Decision


An updated over snow vehicle use trail system in the Lassen National Forest will be available by this summer for the next snow season. A final project EIS and record of decision has been published that will determine which trails and areas for OSV use both groomed and non-groomed will be open in the following decision. Prior to the publication 16 objection letters and 73 issues were addressed by the LNF that included habitat and species threats to those such as the wolf, yellow legged frog, deer, and fish. With these considerations and efforts to protect these issues OSV areas were reduced by a near 160,000 acres to include the removal of the Fall River area and Shasta acres. Still included for OSV use will include areas in the Bogard, Ashpan, Fredonyer, Jonesville, Morgan summit, and swain mountain areas equaling about 50% of the forest. A 30 day review period is now in effect before final signatures on the decision are completed. You can view all the documents by visiting the USDA Forest Service website.