LMUD Holds Rate Workshop Tomorrow

LMUD holds a rate workshop tomorrow as the district faces a second increase in how much you pay for power. Tomorrow, December 16th, at 5:30 pm, the LMUD Board of Directors will welcome you and the community in a discussion focusing on the potential to adjust the district’s energy charges by another one and a half percent.

LMUD in November raised rates by a half percent to take a small step towards making up costs lost by under-collecting by a total of two cents per kilowatt hour used. GM Holley said power costs have continued to rise due to depleted reservoirs not producing enough hydropower and PG&E flex alerts that raise costs for LMUD 20 times over.

Tomorrow’s meeting will be an information-only workshop; no action will be taken to establish any change to the current rate. You can still submit your comment by email or letter if you cannot attend. You can view the workshop agenda by visiting lmud.org.

The public hearing for the rate adjustment is set for Tuesday, December 20th.