LMUD Directors Approve 2nd Rate Increase


After a swift and uncontested public hearing, the LMUD board of directors unanimously approved the district’s rate charge increase. Last evening’s meeting was filled more than usual with people from the community, yet only two spoke in support of the district’s necessity to raise rates. General Manager Pat Holley said the increasing purchase power trend would likely continue as a crisis in natural gas has arisen, forcing power costs to increase twenty-fold.

This additional increase will be the second in the last two months, rising from 14.5 cents in November and reaching 16. With this new increase, you could be seeing the cost of your bill rise by around ten dollars, based on the average usage of a typical home in Susanville. Director Bud Bowden, following the approval, said a few words to offer solace, saying that it pains the board to raise rates, that they too will be feeling the pinch, but they take no pleasure in increasing how much you pay.

The newly adjusted rate will be going into effect with your January billing.