LCC Board of Trustees Delay Disposition of Auxiliaries After Audit Findings


The Lassen College District Board of Trustees will await final draft of the recent fiscal audit of the Lassen College Foundation and Lassen Cougar Enterprises before acting upon the disposition of either the Foundation or Cougar Enterprises. President of the college, who does not serve as a voting board member but is Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Trevor Albertson, made this statement following the hour long closed session discussion that he will be working diligently to find an adequate service provider to ensure the recreational facilities will be able to open for the season.

Many in attendance provided testimony for the McCullough’s integrity, a husband and wife duo, who operated cougar enterprises and the day to day of the Eagle Lake campgrounds and marina, who have chosen to resign from their roles over the annual audits 9 deficiency findings. In a statement about these deficiencies Albertson shared “The college’s concern is over what the draft audit says, in terms of the Foundation and Cougar Enterprises needing better internal controls in order to prevent fraud from ever occurring. Whether or not the college agrees or disagrees with the findings of an independent auditor is not at question, rather, they need to implement the changes the auditor’s report identifies in order to protect the college’s accreditation and credit rating, among other things. This is about both following the rules and ensuring the best operations possible, while protecting the ability of local students to get an education right here in northeast California. We need to make sure the required checks and balances are in place to keep faith with public interest.”

The enterprise’s rent payments to the Lassen College Foundation funds are used to provide college scholarships for many students. Failure to implement audit findings will jeopardize the college’s accreditation and credit rating. Whether or not the campgrounds and marina will remain in operation for the upcoming season is not yet known, while the Cougar Enterprise feels a failure to do so could lead to potential breach of contract with the U.S. forest service who leases the permit to the foundation. Yet as Albertson stated he is beginning the task of searching for the most qualified service provided for the recreational facilities to ensure their operation this season.

The board will be meeting May 10th to further the discussion and take possible action on the disposition and revitalization of the college’s auxiliary.