LCC board of Trustees Calls special Meeting on Disposition of LC Foundation and Cougar Enterprises


A statement from Lassen Community College on the oversight of the Eagle lake campgrounds and marina has brought the College Board to call a special meeting today. At 7:15 this evening the disposition of the nonprofit Lassen College Foundation and for-profit Cougar Enterprises will be under discussion. Cougar Enterprises manages the day-to-day operations of the over 300 campgrounds and marina under a permit from the U.S. Forest service. Rent payment from Cougar Enterprises to the Lassen College Foundation funds college scholarships for students. Yet trouble lies in a draft version of an annual audit which is not yet completed and has found 9 significant deficiencies in need of being addressed and due to its oversight obligations, Lassen Community College is obligated to ensure compliance with all legal and fiscal requirement of the Enterprise’s operations. While they are auxiliaries, Lassen College is responsible for their oversight under applicable law and the Master Agreement. This evening’s meeting will take these findings into consideration and will open with public comment, where your attendance is urged, followed by closed session where the board of trustees will discuss the current on-goings of the foundation and Enterprise where two have recently resigned. LCC is not obligated to exercise oversight to determine further action and stabilize the foundation which is part of a master agreement between all three parties. You can attend the meeting at the Lassen Community College board room, again this evening at 7:15, as well as virtually through zoom, or on teleconference. Access to the link and number can be found on the college website.