Lassen Supervisors to Hold Public Hearing on Westwood Cannabis Shop Appeal Filing


The Lassen County Board of Supervisors will hear an appeal on a denial of cannabis activity in Westwood from the planning commission. A use permit was sought to open a cannabis dispensary in an existing commercial building in Westwood on June 7th to which the Planning Commission disapproved. The dispensary was proposed to open on the Northeast corner of HWY 36 and Mooney Rd, which falls under commercial zoning. As of current, the board of supervisors has yet to finalize an ordinance in regards to cannabis activities within the industrialized zones in the unincorporated areas of the county. As the board acts as the appeal body for the planning commission a public hearing will be held during the supervisor’s July 19th board meeting set for 10:05 am. Anyone interested in submitting comments to the supervisors prior to the meeting can do so and may also be heard during discussions at the public hearing.