Lassen Roads Safer than Others Throughout the State


Lassen County Local Roadway Safety report reveals the county is relatively safe as compared to other state jurisdictions. A total of nearly 4000 collisions occurred over the last ten years with a total of 17 fatalities. These also happen to occur mostly to the southeast of the county on local roads. The county also scored well for crash rankings citing low pedestrian bicycle and nighttime crashes and the city of Susanville has relatively low pedestrian, bicycle, and DUI collisions. Richmond Road, Eagle Lake Road, and Johnsonville/Center Road were highlighted as having the highest number of collisions over the 10-year span. Safety improvements like rumble strips, curve warning signs, high friction surface treatments, wider shoulders, and speed limit reviews were among the recommendations for improvement to reduce collisions by 100 incidents. The draft report was produced with data that compares cities with similar-sized populations with data received from CHP’s integrated traffic information system, UC Berkley’s Transportation injury mapping system, and the Susanville Police Department.