Lassen County Sheriff’s Office Needs Public Input on State OHV Grant Program


The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office is seeking public comment regarding their participation in the California State Parks Off-Highway Vehicle Grant Program. The 2022/2023 preliminary applications are available for review at The public review period will be March 8th, 2022 through May 2nd, 2022.

Questions or comments may be submitted on the aforementioned website where you can review the application. Direct questions to the Sheriff’s Office may be emailed to Sergeant Dustin Russell at [email protected].

During this grant cycle, the Sheriff’s Office plans to maintain our patrol time in our OHV use areas. The vast designated OHV areas and trails throughout our county has continuously seen increased OHV usage. Lassen County attracts many OHV enthusiasts from outside of our state and county. The Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to ensuring safe operations and protection of our OHV use areas for years to come.