Lassen County Sheriff Warns of Spoofing Scam


Fraud Alert!!!

We have received a number of reports related to a phone scam / fraud. The caller is identifying himself / herself as a Lassen County Sheriff’s Deputy and using names of local deputies or former LCSO employees. The caller solicits payment, or asks them to appear at a specific location related to an outstanding warrant or failure to appear in court. The number they are calling from will look like it originates from the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office or another Law Enforcement agency. The Sheriff’s Office does not take payments for fines over the phone nor do we make collection calls. These calls are fraudulent. Do not make payment to the caller.

These crimes should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357 or online at…/ftc-imposter-scams

These incidents are also known as SPOOFING. More information is available at the following link