Lassen County Local Heads to DC as Part of the People’s Convoy


One Lassen County local heads to DC in a Lassen County proud tractor trailer as part of the People’s Convoy, mirroring that of the Canadian movement against mask mandates and COVID restrictions. Tom and Andie Traphagan, owners of the Mile High Mill and Grain Co., the only certified organic grown and milled wheat farm in Ravendale began their journey early this week in efforts to make it to the Capitol before the President’s State of the Union address. The goal of the People’s Convoy is not to bombard the Capitol but to wrap around it along the DC beltway. We will continue to hear updates from the road and DC as Tom and Andie make their arrival, stay tuned…93.3 Susanville, Lake Alamanor 93.7, Quincy 92.7, Portola 104.1



Photo Curtosey Andie and Tom