Lassen County District Attorney – Guilty Ruling


A jury convicted Teri Joanne Pederson, 45, earlier this week of one count of criminal threats in violation of Penal Code section 422 and one count of brandishing a firearm in violation of Penal Code section 417.
In April 2020, Pederson was involved in a neighbor dispute over a civil matter, during which she escalated the situation by retrieving a firearm from within her residence, going back outside, and threatened to shoot and kill the neighbor while displaying the firearm in a menacing manner. The incident was video recorded on a witness cell phone.
Throughout the trial, Pederson made repeated obscene hand gestures to the prosecutor, despite an admonition from the judge to cease doing so. After the jury was excused, Pederson threw a set of keys in what appeared to be an attempt to hit the prosecutor with them, but instead hit her own defense attorney. She was remanded into custody for contempt at that time.
Sentencing is scheduled for November 8.
Our office would like to thank the jury for their time in this matter. The case was investigated by the Lassen Sheriff’s Office and tried by DDA Jolanda Ingram