Lassen County Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Headed for the November Ballot

Commercial cannabis cultivation will get decided by the voters of Lassen County. The board of supervisors has moved to bring the issue to the November ballot following discussions at yesterday’s board meeting. Supervisor Gallagher presented the idea. Yet some find this action to be a heavier burden to taxpayers as it had the potential to be decided following a second hearing of the ordinance by the board. Supervisor Bridges says it has already cost you over half a million dollars over the last seven years as the board continues to toss around legalizing the industry in the county. A near-future meeting will be called, County Administrator Richard Egan said likely in a special meeting as deadlines for creating a ballot measure must be met. The measure has been presented as being an advisory measure as well as Egan also stated it needs to be flexible with what could change over time. Supervisors Bridges and Albaugh were the two opposing votes to bringing the issue to the ballot, Supervisors Hammond, Gallagher, and Hemphill held the majority.