Lassen County Collects 250K From Abated Illegal Grows


Over 250 ,000 dollars was charged to illegal cannabis cultivation grows that Lassen county abated last year. 11 properties total were found to violate the county’s code. These were located in Ravendale, Madeline, and one in Westwood. The property owners, the majority of which lived outside of the county and often renting their land, were found to have multiple greenhouse grows many of which had no building permits. The county has placed a lien on each of the properties to recover the administrative penalties. County Administrator Richard Egan gave a strong message to the many other illegal grows throughout the county that more enforcement is on the way, blaming the lack of more abatement last summer on the impact of the summer fires. Yet despite the cultivation of cannabis being illegal still in the county, Lassen does have a marijuana tax measure in place, Measure M, that was voted on and approved by lassen county voters in 2018. The Business Tax is up to $3.00 per square foot of canopy space, per year for cultivators, and up to 8% on gross receipts of all other cannabis business operating in the unincorporated areas of Lassen County. The funds of which go into the County’s general fund. The over 250,000 was reported to Lassen County’s tax collector to be accounted for.