Lassen County Board of Supervisors Meeting Tuesday December 14th, 9A.M.


The noise ordinance coming to Lassen County will be revisited on Tuesday by the Lassen County Board of Supervisors. The current noise element is outdated, does not account for current noise control guidelines and can make future projects more time consuming and costly than necessary. The new ordinance will increase the noise allowed by 5 decibels from 60 to 65 from 7am to 7pm. The big ticket item on the agenda is the matter of Lassen county’s redistricting. Currently the proposed map splits Janesville to account for future growth and makes district 5 larger, leaving the remaining three districts intact. You can hear that matter starting at 10:15A.M. The board is also set to approve a revenue agreement of 350,000 dollars to promote the awareness and access to the state’s vaccine efforts as well as publicizing and increasing access to vaccines. There will be no impact to the general funds. You can attend the meeting at 9A.M. at the board of supervisors meeting located at 707 Nevada Street.