You Can Help Improve Walking & Biking Access in Lassen County


You have an opportunity to help create safer access to walking and biking paths throughout Lassen County. The Lassen Lands and Trails trust is urging you and the community to share where you feel walking and bicycle access is non-existent, lacking, or unsafe.

Your input will help the Lassen County Transportation Commission and CalTrans District 2 finalize their Active Transportation Plan. This plan is important in that it drives the future investments into ATP routes. These routes specifically help you get to school, work, your doctor and shopping areas. Funds can be used to help improve those paths with additions of sidewalks, paving paths, creating bike lanes, adding street crossings and signs. Two open houses will take place March 30th in Westwood and March 31st in Susanville, both from 4:30 to 6pm. You can hear a presentation of the current draft of the ATP plan. Which you can also review prior to attending at